Preachers’ Kids

There is no separate peace for the children of educated Mennonite parents, trying to get their bearings beginning in 1968 in a private boarding school, the boys all marrying out, and all divorced before the 21st century; the girls all marrying in and still married, always exceptions proving the rule.

Acute Memories & Promises to Children

Excerpt from the Memoirs of Frank F Enns When children have acute memories for promises made to them by adults what may seem a minor triviality to an older person, may appear as a thing of greatest importance to a child. But a child expects that a promise made by an adult must most certainly

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Dear Max Ferguson, My name is Victor Enns. I am a grade 12 student in the Mennonite Collegiate Institute, the oldest coeducational boarding school in Canada. The school has several other distinctions, and is renowned for its music program. I have enclosed two records of our choral singing that were made in the last two

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