Preachers’ Kids

There is no separate peace for the children of educated Mennonite parents, trying to get their bearings beginning in 1968 in a private boarding school, the boys all marrying out, and all divorced before the 21st century; the girls all marrying in and still married, always exceptions proving the rule.


MY ANGER AND PAIN MANIFESTO  There will always be someone who suffers more deeply, more righteously, more rigorously, more appropriately with higher levels of pain, with higher levels of accomplishment achievement than me like the amputee running a super marathon across the Sahara desert. Good for you. Good for God!   Me how do I

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Acute Memories & Promises to Children

Excerpt from the Memoirs of Frank F Enns When children have acute memories for promises made to them by adults what may seem a minor triviality to an older person, may appear as a thing of greatest importance to a child. But a child expects that a promise made by an adult must most certainly

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Dear Max Ferguson, My name is Victor Enns. I am a grade 12 student in the Mennonite Collegiate Institute, the oldest coeducational boarding school in Canada. The school has several other distinctions, and is renowned for its music program. I have enclosed two records of our choral singing that were made in the last two

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