A wound gives off its own light surgeons say.” Anne Carson, The Beauty of the Husband. I met Grace Nickel behind my back. Five vessels, shorter vases perhaps,  under plexiglass to keep the gorgeous ceramics safely in view,  rested on the credenza in my Manitoba Arts Council office. I met many fine artists, high and

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SOME NEAR IMPOSSIBLE THING Never been heard or seen before I see it. Awe shucks, almost heard it, but I’m not wearing my hearing aids. Nearly caught a glimpse but I’m not wearing my looking glasses, so lie to me instead. I’ll believe you. Victor Enns May 2022

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BREATHING MY PAIN[1] WITH A SIGH   “As long as you are breathing there is more right with you than wrong with you.” Jon Kabat Zinn “What’s the secret of life? Always breathe.” Christopher Durang. Dad holds a piece of three-ply against the side of the brown and white Jersey cow. He hits the piece

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Some Things = Quality of Life

As I set up house-keeping, here’s some things I can not do without in my kitchen. A Pyrex two cup measure. A pitcher or jug, a juicer. The blender is perfect without taking up a lot of room. Biggest success with it early on has been pureeing leek and potato soup. Heck, I might  even

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Along the 49th Parallel

DREAMCATCHERS ALONG THE 49TH TONIGHT July 29, 2017 An energetic crew of singers, dancers, and actors performed in the Masonic Auditorium at the International Peace Gardens. While it felt a bit like an “Up with People” for the 21st century, there were significant differences. The material was developed in interviews and workshops across Canada as

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Misfit Blues

Choreographed by Paul-André Fortier, Danced by Paul and Robin Poitras, this gentle and engaging work, at different times lyric, abstract, and narrative, was presented by Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg last week. This playful dance inspired some new poems for my manuscript called Music for Men Over Fifty, Songs of Love (and Surgery). Anyone in

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Here Comes The Sun

through the bathroom window at 472 Willow Island, our new lake house. Trying to figure out work around to use my iMac to post to the www  through my iPad. Post may be shorter, though more likely, composed in advance. This other below is the sun rising over the tip of Willow Island. Despite my

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After a series of indiscretions a man stumbled homeward, thinking, now that I am going down from my misbehaviour I am to be forgiven, because how I acted was not my true self, which I am now returning to. And I am not to be blamed for the past, because I’m to be seen as

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Straightening out my toes

My excellent foot surgeon, Dr. Alan Hammond, performed his second surgery on my right foot on Friday. He previously fused some bones in each foot  building arches were there had been none, correcting Stage Four Flat Foot. This recent surgery corrected a very bad case of hammertoes, which he  fixed by cutting the tendons in

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Seen on the street today

I was waiting for a light to change when an anorexic woman walked across the intersection in front of me wearing a skeleton costume.

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