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That was Then


Envoi* is is coming back! Have decided to retrieve the name (remembering Robert Kroetsch) and use it for whatever I do that’s outside of the pages of a book or magazine. We are within hours of completing our first 10 minute podcast.  Sue Foley Deborah Coleman and Roxanne Potvin have a wicked instrumental which is

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Quotation and Recommended Reading

The Letterwriter “If I am out of my mind, it’s all right with me,” thought Moses Herzog.  Some people thought he was cracked and for a time he himself had doubted that he was all there. But n0w, though he still behaved oddly, he felt confident, cheerful, clairvoyant and     strong. He had fallen under a

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for pain room, 1 2 10

“Pain is always new to the sufferer, but loses its originality for those around him.”[1]   [1] Alphonse Daudet, La doulou: (la douleur), 1887-1895 (Paris: Librairie de France, 1930) p. 16; Julian Barnes (ed. and trans.) In the Land of Pain (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2002) p. 19.    

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Passages: Three Dead Men In A Drunken Boat

Robert Lowell and Hank William dance with Field Commander Cohen A bad black and white movie, this dying in the back bench seat of a yellow New York taxi cab. Robert Trail Spence Lowell without the heart for the trip home, tips his head on his hoary chest, frees his depressed nuerons to collide with

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Passages; Lowell on Sunday and Roethke

Waking Early Sunday Morning  by Robert Lowell           For Theodore Roethke by Robert Lowell   “I LEAVE MY FATHER’S EYE”                      –  Theodore Roethke I stumble into the pool, my fall checked by the cleanest water until I put my head down my feet up. Enveloped by a field of

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Ezra Pound’s summary of the new poetics 1913

Published: May 16, 2016 “In the spring or early summer of 1912, ‘H.D’, Richard Aldington, and myself decided we were agreed upon the three principles following: Ezra Pound 1939 Wyndham Lewis 1882-1957 Purchased 1939, Tate Gallery, London (1) Direct treatment of the ‘thing’ whether subjective or objective. (2) To use absolutely no word that does

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      Billy Graham died last week at age 99. Here’s his long take on Devils and Demons. Sermons over 20 minutes, too long. But listen to the man’s voice for just a few minutes. I’ll archive this link in March.  

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Good Morning 49!

Good day Sunshine! Another perfect day in the Peace Garden. Here also my bedroom faces mostly east. And the front door faces west. No matter what happens in the morning by mid-afternoon, it’s all sunlight, and hot as the blazes. My thanks to IPG CEO Garry Enns for providing accommodations.  It’s cooler in the bedrooms

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  Having finished with The Sad Phoenician we’ll be moving on, possibly to some Mennonite poets. Blue in Green by Miles Davis  to have green become blue. Or vice versa.

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Interlake Grain of Sand Poetry Contest

Klean-All Poet Announces Interlake 2017 Grain of Sand Poetry Month Contest Deadline April 26 2 pm April is poetry month in North America. The League of Canadian Poets has chosen “Time” as Canada’s  theme celebrating our 150th year since confederation. Considering  the Interlake beaches (they’re under the snow and ice somewhere), A Grain of Sand

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