Abject Alphabet (Fits and starts)

KEEP ASKING or they can’t say yes.

From Facebook I will move this to my website end of day or tomorrow. But want to share my disappointment. I will raise money in any other way I can think of. Currently the show renamed, “look” at lookshow.ca opens in Winnipeg in Video Pool’s “OUTPUT” September 29 or later, and closes November 5th or

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LISTENING Number 10 “Winter birds” It’s warmer Leonard wherever you are its warmer here than Winnipeg and like a bird on a wire I can’t hear a damn thing   Jake MacDonald I remember Jake. Test test test dictating in threes     OK FIRST A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THE PROCESS I listened to Schafer’s

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MY ANGER AND PAIN MANIFESTO  There will always be someone who suffers more deeply, more righteously, more rigorously, more appropriately with higher levels of pain, with higher levels of accomplishment achievement than me like the amputee running a super marathon across the Sahara desert. Good for you. Good for God!   Me how do I

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9 PM Winnipeg (CST) or 7 PM in BC (PST

  Here is the link for this Saturday’s “Episode 2, Letter B SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED”. This Saturday, February 12 at 9 PM (CST), 7 PM (PST)   https://youtu.be/UN2VTbW4CrY

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I’ve declared making is the best job in the world. Manifestos have returned with a vengeance. Time I published some of mine! Here’s the shortest by way of Marie- Claire Blais who died recently. I’m remembering a quote already revised once into English from Songs for Angel. pain desires revenge, With any luck I’ll have

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  My desire drives me to work everyday, and it ain’t in no cadillac. I want to say something.  I want to write something. I want to read something. I want to make something. The Need for Wanting Always is the name Gertrude Story gave to a short story collection. Her desire was returned by

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