Shaking all over

Possibility is shaking all over me all over
me I am shaking all over. I have morte (ha) meaning more meaning than the Gilgamesh giant, and also him in south Saskatchewan and in our own circle we had. Groter Abe. We had a circle we had a circle and italics. But don’t forget we are, according to Sheil Heti, in PURE COLOUR, JUST A FIRST DRAFT. In the next iteration of the world as we know it, improvements will be made.

Last night I had a dream about Gary Barwin, Stuart Ross, Shane Neilson, Ariel Gordon, Sue Sorenson.They jostled me out of a place around the table. I am reading their books now and  this is a fairly Standard Rejection Anxiety dream.

Friendly to me were Erna Paris (Freelance n own-fiction book and magazine writer, a fella whose name I have yet to remember, a writer, n non-fiction and a dann fine cook!, but on the publisher’s side Phyllis Bruce, (Editor, publisherr) who did not laugh me out of the room. and landed several fiction debut/early books.  That was the 80s, and it was still CanCopy, rather than Access Copyright. They should have listened to me.  But this I realize is another substrata of the Listen Hear Book. Why do people not here I mean hear what I am saying. “Please don’t let me be misunderstood” (Eric Burdon, Joe Cocker) To be understood is what I shoot for. Shakin it loose this remembrance of striving for understanding another corner post of the collection of Ghazal’s, Blues, New music, listening opens me up  like 
fresh stone fruit. 

A quote: This for Listen Heart

“Another world is not only possible, she’s on her way. On a quiet day, if you listen very carefully, You can hear her breathe.” Arundhati Roy


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