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ROASTED RED PEPPER TOMATO SOUP This is a soup I have been wanting to make for years, ever since Hermano’s in Winnipeg was out of reach. Sometimes Safeway/Sobey’s had one, but but yes, time to make my own. STEPS TO TOMATO SOUP ECSTACY  Halve 3 perfect bright to darkening red red bell peppers, take out

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ROUTINES by Tom Wayman

ROUTINES by Tom Wayman, read by Victor Enns, with permission  

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By Tom Wayman, with permission read by Victor Enns Photo Credit: Jeremy Addington  Canadian Poetry Online  

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Body & Soul

I’m listening to Chris Potter’s version of “Body & Soul,” first given life on October 11th 1939, by Coleman Hawkins whose improvised solo comprised most of the 3:00 minute take, soon to be a hit. That’s right! The first jazz hit, still released on a 78rpm disk. Unheard of! Two music books arrived yesterday including

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New Year’s Eve 2020

“Wait Now” written and read by Victor Enns New Years Eve 2020

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Published today in Jerry Jazz Musician (Online, Portland Oregon)  in response to a quick call for a piece of music and some words about how it helped get us through 2020. THERE IS TOO MUCH DEATH A new poem by Victor Enns Time does not care whether it’s Covid-19 Or covert militias that kill, funerals

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Last Night I Dreamed I Was Two-Faced

Last night I dreamed I was a reluctant lieutenant  in the Russian Army in Moscow in WW2. I was a two sided personality, a toady that always seemed to comply with every order to give me latitude to steal the art works that were being “saved” from cities under siege. Nobody really knew what I

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losing time I look for a pattern in the dead. There may be an answer in the spent ammunition. Time, yes, it’s gone ejected like a casing emptied of lead. From Afghanistan Confessions Marked manuscript available under Archives – A. Armies and empires come and go, War constant.

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I have a large section of Dreams going to the Archives, but there are several floaters not pinned to the page yet. Like this one.     I am seated at a lengthy concert in a building older (but not the) than the concert hall, but with more leg room than Pantages’s or the Walker.

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The Ballad of the Children of the Czar

About my blog I will post anything and everything that pops into my head as often as I can,  appropriate from my thinking. This is the most likely spot for He was the kind of guy, jokes, quotations, journal and diary entries. It is born free, as free as the wind blows (remember) which way?

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