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UPDATE Saturday December 4, 2021 WELCOME TO MY NEW NORMAL…. I’m getting a lot of my current circumstances out on my website today, and passing stuff along on Facebook. I believe I am the master of my own circumstances, which makes it easier to work and love. Our bodies and our minds are always changing…though

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 HOW MUCH DOES IT HURT Journal entry, undated There will always be someone who suffers more deeply, more righteously, more rigorously, more appropriately with higher levels of pain, with higher levels of accomplishment achievement than me like the amputee running a super marathon across the Sahara desert. Good for you. Good for God! Me how

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International day for persons with disabilities

here I am reading selections from pieces of my mind/my body and parts  

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Choral Music + Medication

I’m listening to choral music, which often happens on Sundays. I was raised on four part harmony chorales and hymns. I have the music streamed into my hearing aids, which double as my cell phone connection. I’m messing about today because we went out to friends for a lovely dinner last night, and that involves

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Telling It Like It Is (some nights)

BEDTIME ACCOMMODATIONS Shrink sock on my stump glasses on the night table gauntlets on my wrists and forearms mouth open meds riding the water slide of my throat mouth-guard so I don’t grind all night. Richard Hines Photo There I said said, a diaper around my bottom like the cartoon of a New Year’s baby

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Pain & Death on Sunday

“Stay safe and stay positive.” So I’ve heard. Just take a look around; let’s just be, be breathing and be in any moment we choose. Tell you what. I’ll bring the darkness, you bring the candle to light. These two short poems are by Charles Bukowski. Check out my first annotation (getting its own page)here.

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excerpt form pain room

FRAGMENT Pain. My feet, up my legs, my hips, my back, my hands No longer hold, fuck the centre, when eating hot dogs fails To raise my spirits I can confirm we and that includes me Were born to die. Not soon enough for some and that includes me Unable to find a painless posture

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Some Assembly Required First Published: September 24, 2020 This video will be publicly accessible until Thursday, November 12.   MY LIFE IN PIECES is a videocast autobiography in ten minute instalments, now going up as a separate page on my website and Patreon site. Pieces is a rolling story picking up fragments of my life,

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Our Bodies, Our Pain

Showing our pain, our selves We start by showing our pain to our parents and our partners. At first, it’s easy. We take our skinned knee inside and one of our parents gets a Band-Aid for our boo boo, wipes the grit away. Some antiseptic, and the bandage will protect us, especially once we have

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Concerning Choice, Acceptance, and Disability

Author’s note: This is my story. Many people feel and think quite differently than I do. I believe it’s necessary and important to make room for diverse and multiple narratives of pain, suffering, mental illness, and disability among ourselves and visible to the public. I had a hot button pushed (of course like most I

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