Shit My Mother Said


Sindach Hoole* Most families I knew in southern Manitoba growing up knew Sunday was a day of rest, for prayer & church, or a day to play. He was a strong believer in Sindach Hoole, despite beginning with Sin it actually means *”holding Sunday,” which was the same as keeping the Sabbath. My father must

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EXCERPT FROM THE MEMOIRS OF SUSANN ENNS In spring preparations for Mennonite Collegiate Institute (MCI) Sängerfest and Graduation took place. I was given parts to perform in both. The big Sängerfest was held in a big tent rigged up and supported by poles. We had no sound system and had to learn how to project

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Having played Simon Stimson in our high school production of Our Town, it seemed fitting to become the choir director of the Glenlea Mennonite Church, pictured here. While this white clapboard structure wasn’t that different from most prairie churches, I always appreciated the windows you could look through, and as the sages say, they were

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Vot Mutta Zaid 2

Shit my mother said Modernist Bread and Flying pancakes Just the first 1:30 seconds, haven’t figured out how to cut clips.  

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