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THE LETTER-WRITER “If I am out of my mind, it’s all right with me,” thought Moses Herzog.  Some people thought he was cracked and for a time he himself had doubted that he was all there. But n0w, though he still behaved oddly, he felt confident, cheerful, clairvoyant and strong. He had fallen under a

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I’ve declared making is the best job in the world. Manifestos have returned with a vengeance. Time I published some of mine! Here’s the shortest by way of Marie- Claire Blais who died recently. I’m remembering a quote already revised once into English from Songs for Angel. pain desires revenge, With any luck I’ll have

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The Ballad of the Children of the Czar

About my blog I will post anything and everything that pops into my head as often as I can,  appropriate from my thinking. This is the most likely spot for He was the kind of guy, jokes, quotations, journal and diary entries. It is born free, as free as the wind blows (remember) which way?

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Poets’ Poker Night in Regina

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Innocence (i. Introduction)

The Angel that presided ‘oer my birth The Angel that presided ‘oer my birth Said, “Little creature, form’d of Joy and Mirth, “Go love without the help of any Thing on Earth.” Auguries of Innocence   By William Blake To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower 

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Doing, Not Being, There

Waiting I’ve submitted my new poetry manuscript Music For Men Over Fifty: Songs of Love and Surgery, being called Love and Surgery for short. Now as the song goes “Waiting is the hardest part,” I’m also waiting for a prosthesis, first measurements on Friday at Lawson Prosthetic, 610 Ellice Ave. in Winnipeg. I’m also waiting

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“Pain is always new to the sufferer, but loses its originality for those around him.”[1]   [1] Alphonse Daudet, La doulou: (la douleur), 1887-1895 (Paris: Librairie de France, 1930) p. 16; Julian Barnes (ed. and trans.) In the Land of Pain (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2002) p. 19.    

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Passages: Three Dead Men In A Drunken Boat

Robert Lowell and Hank William dance with Field Commander Cohen A bad black and white movie, this dying in the back bench seat of a yellow New York taxi cab. Robert Trail Spence Lowell without the heart for the trip home, tips his head on his hoary chest, frees his depressed nuerons to collide with

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Passages; Lowell on Sunday and Roethke

Waking Early Sunday Morning  by Robert Lowell           For Theodore Roethke by Robert Lowell   “I LEAVE MY FATHER’S EYE”                      –  Theodore Roethke I stumble into the pool, my fall checked by the cleanest water until I put my head down my feet up. Enveloped by a field of

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                from Plate nine William Blake came up in a Bryan Sentes Facebook post, as good a reason as any to read passages from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Blake dines with Isiah and Ezekiel “The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, &

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