This almost an essay showed up as a memory on Facebook (now there’s a clue as to why Facebook does well in my 60 plus demographic), I’ve trimmed and updated as a post, and updated it on my back pages. Suicidal Ideation and the importance of getting dressed in the morning (from first draft 2018)

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UPDATE Saturday December 4, 2021 WELCOME TO MY NEW NORMAL…. I’m getting a lot of my current circumstances out on my website today, and passing stuff along on Facebook. I believe I am the master of my own circumstances, which makes it easier to work and love. Our bodies and our minds are always changing…though

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BREATHING MY PAIN[1] WITH A SIGH   “As long as you are breathing there is more right with you than wrong with you.” Jon Kabat Zinn “What’s the secret of life? Always breathe.” Christopher Durang. Dad holds a piece of three-ply against the side of the brown and white Jersey cow. He hits the piece

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International day for persons with disabilities

here I am reading selections from pieces of my mind/my body and parts  

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Some Assembly Required First Published: September 24, 2020 This video will be publicly accessible until Thursday, November 12.   MY LIFE IN PIECES is a videocast autobiography in ten minute instalments, now going up as a separate page on my website and Patreon site. Pieces is a rolling story picking up fragments of my life,

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TUMOUR IN THE FOURTH VENTRICLE  For Theo Suspended, slung in mid-air for surgery, son, you are alive, a metal halo, screwed into your skull to still your head. The swaggering neurosurgeon cuts out a circle of your skull, pulls it out like plug to reach your brain. The careful knives know where they have to

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Our Bodies, Our Pain

Showing our pain, our selves We start by showing our pain to our parents and our partners. At first, it’s easy. We take our skinned knee inside and one of our parents gets a Band-Aid for our boo boo, wipes the grit away. Some antiseptic, and the bandage will protect us, especially once we have

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Concerning Choice, Acceptance, and Disability

Author’s note: This is my story. Many people feel and think quite differently than I do. I believe it’s necessary and important to make room for diverse and multiple narratives of pain, suffering, mental illness, and disability among ourselves and visible to the public. I had a hot button pushed (of course like most I

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FOR PERFORMANCE I AM NOT I am not a theatre artist, I am not an actor, I am not a playwright, I am not a dramaturg. I am not a novelist, I am not a journalist, I am not a magazine writer, or a copywriter. I am not a composer, I am not a conductor,

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I’ve been away from my dear website, off chasing rainbows with delusional projects I can’t persuade arts agency  jurors to support. Usually they’ve never seen anything like it before, are suspicious of old dogs with new tricks, or they underestimate what I can do while still being chronically depressed and ill with lousy cartilage genetics,

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