You have a Mennonite sounding last name.
How is it possible to believe
in nothing after every hymn you’ve sung
verses you have memorised,  your father’s sermons;
Bible stories you have heard religious
paintings you have seen and seated
yourself at St. Augustine’s desk
 + under Menno’s  hat. (Thanks Murray Toews) 
History says anything that can last 2000 years
Shows enough strength for you to sing along
with “I know in whom I have believed.”
I have denied or declined my faith
you see there’s a problem right away my faith
how can I deny my faith
when I haven’t one; but three times I have left
the church let’s say this last time
I’ve chosen never to go back.
Obligation is a poor conductor.
Surely, I can see I can see I can look
+ see how hard it could be to remain upright, in the Lord.
You must believe
you once had a left leg,
below the knee, for certain,
you know this.
You once had two fleshy legs, now you have one.
I believe only this ~
I will breathe while I have
a leg to stand on, and one to curse


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