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I have completed acceptable first two draft ghazals inspired by String Quartets 1 & 2 by R.Murray Schaffer, cognizant of what I’m learning from Ravishing DisuUities and Hungry Listening. I enjoy composing in modern ghazal forms, and have plenty to learn. The rhyme scheme is more comfortable with every outing, and the disunity between couplets is

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Today I could smash five clocks, more if I could afford them.  Instead why not look at my first video-cast IN THE TIME ZONE with Victor Enns on my website under MLIP (My Life in Pieces) and then because B comes after A, the second episode called “Some Assembly Required” featuring a heart-breaking story of

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Pain & Death on Sunday

“Stay safe and stay positive.” So I’ve heard. Just take a look around; let’s just be, be breathing and be in any moment we choose. Tell you what. I’ll bring the darkness, you bring the candle to light. These two short poems are by Charles Bukowski. Check out my first annotation (getting its own page)here.

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Being Teased and Getting the Strap From The Memoirs of Frank F Enns I remember standing at the street fence (made of stone) one evening. With some of the others I was watching the herd of livestock coming home from the communal pasture. It was the time of year when the young blades of the

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My Internal Combustion It’s been an exhilarating week. I was reminded by one of my selves about stand-alone poems. It had been nearly a year since a conversation with Stuart Ross about his work with Anvil Press and my work. I described a few projects and he with great clarity said I don’t do “project”

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Haircut duct tape glasses

NO DOUBT There will be no doubt I’ve left any living on the table turning off the light on my way out. there are intervals and there are intervals.  syncopation Charlie Watts and Schaefer then all the way back to the 15th century so I say. Truth be told I can’t tell the truth. Just

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excerpt form pain room

FRAGMENT Pain. My feet, up my legs, my hips, my back, my hands No longer hold, fuck the centre, when eating hot dogs fails To raise my spirits I can confirm we and that includes me Were born to die. Not soon enough for some and that includes me Unable to find a painless posture

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I have a large section of Dreams going to the Archives, but there are several floaters not pinned to the page yet. Like this one.     I am seated at a lengthy concert in a building older (but not the) than the concert hall, but with more leg room than Pantages’s or the Walker.

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Pain Dialogues 2

Conversation with George Bataille Who are you? Victor There’s a name to live up to I play a little game I lie about the pain the victim does the same. That’s unhelpful. You keep repeating yourself. From where were your parents. Russia, first Germany, Enns River. you claim to be russian german and a pacifist!?

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Listen Here

My right hearing aid broke yesterday when I took off my mask. My glasses were already broken, and somehow I failed to hang on to the hearing aid and it fell on the floor. It was the better fitting mould plastic that chipped off. This has happened before, and it’s time to move to the

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