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Dictated from my memory Cottage pie is a great way to serve meat and potatoes and call it something else. If you’re using lamb it’s shepherds pie, and if you’re using venison or elk it’s Hunter’s pie. It’s all about the meat in those versions. There are many different versions of cottage pie and this

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  Make no bones about it; my left foot carried its final edition in my genes since the day I was born. My left ankle’s collapse a birth defect; its ankle fusion fix a failure, confirmed too late by a CT scan for anyone to believe my foot’s pain was 9 on a scale of

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OUR WEDDING CEREMONY August 27, 2021 Shannon Wilson Marriage Commissioner Victor Enns and Michelle Hewitt We are gathered here to share this special occasion with Michelle Hewitt and Victor Enns, as they exchange the vows that will join them in marriage. Love is a unity of mind, body, and spirit. Love is created and sustained

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I am in an angry and sad place right now. I’m sad that R Murray Schafer has died. He was 88 and has done a lot of good work so it’s a tempered sadness as I work on gazhals prompted by his string quartets. I am sad that Dave Barber has died. He is my

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Research for “Love, Death, and the Letter F”

Definition of felo-de-se 1 : a person who commits suicide or who dies from the effects of having committed an unlawful malicious act 2 : an act of deliberate self-destruction  First Known Use of felo-de-se 1607, in the meaning defined History and Etymology for felo-de-se Medieval Latin felo de se, fello de se, literally, evildoer

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EXCERPT FROM THE MEMOIRS OF SUSANN ENNS In spring preparations for Mennonite Collegiate Institute (MCI) Sängerfest and Graduation took place. I was given parts to perform in both. The big Sängerfest was held in a big tent rigged up and supported by poles. We had no sound system and had to learn how to project

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Acute Memories & Promises to Children

Excerpt from the Memoirs of Frank F Enns When children have acute memories for promises made to them by adults what may seem a minor triviality to an older person, may appear as a thing of greatest importance to a child. But a child expects that a promise made by an adult must most certainly

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Quote of today

Grace Paley writes: My father had decided to teach me how to grow old. I said O.K. My children didn’t think it was such a great idea. If I knew how, they thought, I might do so too easily. No, no, I said, it’s for later, years from now. And besides, if I get it

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Happy Mother’s Day – from my mother’s memoir

This story prompted the poem “Look”, which can be found in the Letter E. My mother told this story about her mother and her brother. Mother loved to go visiting and she usually did this by horse and buggy. She always had to have a “runner” (pacer) so she could go fast with a good

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The very latest in the Abject Alphabet

Follow this link to watch the Letter E!

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