Yesterday was tough, my first words something to the effect. “I’m signing out. I’m out of service as of now!”  Then the internet went down.

Similar to Linus who goes out and it is raining and he says the usual “Rain rain go away, come again another day!” The rain stops, all of it, he gulps and runs inside slamming the door. He tells Lucy “Hide Me!” of course Lucy doesn’t believe his story so takes him outside, where 0f course, it is raining again. She challenges him to do it again. He does. Once again the rain stops., and they both run inside. The verses today, just that far. I told Michelle I had a swim liar power, (oh boy what a spell check, checking my spell with the word liar) similar power, though it was being granted rather many years after the request, living in Gimli at the time, as I am here, looking at my blender. 


I don’t believe in God. Every morning I pray and ask, please let me not say anything stupid today. Hasn’t worked even once. I tried downgrading the prayer a little, please don’t let me say anything stupid on Facebook. Nope, well there was the day there was no internet access in the Interlake. Must have been someone else’s payer.





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