My Life in Pieces

MY LIFE IN PIECES is a video-cast autobiography in ten minute instalments.  Pieces is a rolling story picking up fragments of my life, investigating parts of my body and pieces of my mind to prompt writing in multiple forms. I’ve had the company of Murray Toews (Graphics, animation), Kevin and Caden Nikkel (live film, recording and editing) to provide video accompanying my words for the first three episodes.

MY LIFE IN PIECES is an audio podcast picking up and examining pieces of my life.

MY LIFE IN PIECES is text and image of my life in pieces.



  I just saws a monarch butterfly, and it’s not the only one I am likely to see this week. I’ve gone whole summers without seeing a monarch butterfly. This sighting reminded me of a poem inspired by an old friend who has just retired, Grace Paley for a reason I have forgotten at the

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A Dispatch from the Pain Room Right now, Tuesday, June  21st, I don’t have a family doctor in general practise assigned to keep track and treat a variety of ailments including polynueropathies, Stage Four Flat Right Foot with a screw loose, an amputation below the left knee, lousy cartilage genetics resulting in severe osteoarthritis, with

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wrong time

wrong time  wrong time says the doctor not time nyet says doctor Jonathan Dr Jon Kabat Zinn from the MIT Mindfulness Meditation Body Scan side one victorenns9 is just another victor to the negative power and a nod to cutting his teeth on German and erasers.             right yes there’s too much information for me

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A nod to the Sherbrook Pool, my favourite swimming hole; and a nod to Mick Burrs’s collection Blue Pools Of Paradise by Coteau Press back in the day when there was a Coteau Press and a Mick Burrs. Title from a meme and screen display I often saw in my psychiatrists office. Water Photo not at Sherbrook Pool. by Lynn

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SOME NEAR IMPOSSIBLE THING Never been heard or seen before I see it. Awe shucks, almost heard it, but I’m not wearing my hearing aids. Nearly caught a glimpse but I’m not wearing my looking glasses, so lie to me instead. I’ll believe you. Victor Enns May 2022

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I don’t even have that hip anymore

“CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN” Ignore the icky headline and go right to the quote in David Macfarlane’s column in the Literary Review.  What we have been, or now are, we shall not be tomorrow.  Ovid. David Mcfarlane made me laugh in his piece in the Literary Review of Canada I recieved today.  You can find

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A selection from my Archives!

THE LETTER-WRITER “If I am out of my mind, it’s all right with me,” thought Moses Herzog.  Some people thought he was cracked and for a time he himself had doubted that he was all there. But n0w, though he still behaved oddly, he felt confident, cheerful, clairvoyant and strong. He had fallen under a

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I have just finished reading The PAIN chronicles cures myths mysteries prayers diaries brain scans healing and the science of suffering, by Melanie Thernstrom. It’s too big a book to read when you’re in pain. At 370 pages you’d probably be better off putting it on your Kindle or Kobo. Reading this book created that

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It was regrettable, blessing the donations brought by the devil to the church by pirates, whore-masters, slave-traders, and worse. I swear the money was put to good use to feed us, and have hats, garments and distinctive robes made (employing many I would add) so needed for our public appearances, and banquets, now such an important

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I sometimes imagine at least one of Queen Victoria’s voluminous dresses are made by a time traveling Agnetha Dyck and a coterie of bees gone to London to see the queen. I slowed a little today looking for the quote that God was ill and created the world – made something, even if on the

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