My Life in Pieces

MY LIFE IN PIECES is a video-cast autobiography in ten minute instalments.  Pieces is a rolling story picking up fragments of my life, investigating parts of my body and pieces of my mind to prompt writing in multiple forms. I’ve had the company of Murray Toews (Graphics, animation), Kevin and Caden Nikkel (live film, recording and editing) to provide video accompanying my words for the first three episodes.

MY LIFE IN PIECES is an audio podcast picking up and examining pieces of my life.

MY LIFE IN PIECES is text and image of my life in pieces.



‘The moment you tell someone you are sick, an element of doubt enters the conversation.” Source? KEEP THE RECORD STRAIGHT Nowhere does it say, “He almost died.” Let me fill that in for you.”I nearly died.”Ask anyone in ICU at 4 in the morning on Pandosy Street, and hour privileged by poets most famously by

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“I am more of an existentialist the closer I am to running out of existence.” HE said.  Today is Thursday my computer tells me so. My colonoscopy is scheduled for Monday, the day after my wife Michelle has her MRI of her brain and her spine.  Wonder of wonders LOOK show has a few more

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SEE  Oh let’s see

RACK IT UP Let’s see let’s see there is nothing to see I think we might have one in your size Wait a minute two different poems Focus what you look at but there is nothing boss Nothing to see well then let’s get serious Your feet to the fire, ah yes, FOOT to the

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Wrote this at least 20 years ago. Still happens. One of my depression symptoms that can be accommodated by presenting my reading as a pre-recorded video. One thing has changed though, I’m talking about it and have created LOOK show with the help of more than 12 artists,  opening April 29th in Winnipeg, funded by

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Check for information. Look shows my life since infancy until my recent fourth marriage, to disability advocate Michelle Hewitt,  brought me to Kelowna. Look is showing in Winnipeg in the OUTPUT venue of Video Pool in the Artspace building Opening on April 29th at 7pm, with a set of performances on May 5th beginning at 7pm.

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Amputation, Below the Knee 5 Years Ago

April 5, 2018, 7:30, arrive at 5:45 I’m sure we share several assumptions, most importantly, that I come through the below the left knee amputation, with few if any complications.  So the few instructions below are for recovery. Please understand I give these preferences based on experience of what works for me. This will be

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Hey Murray, Thank for the layout. What I’m looking for, is to know where my  work is needed. Do I need to select anything? Fill any holes? You have plenty choices after all. I’m guessing I should still tape something that looks like a reading at about 7 minutes like the other performers? Victor, I

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MIRROR MIRROR I crash my wheelchair into the dresser, my mirror jumps, sweeps the CDs off the top of the stereo lands just so, not breaking, landing enough on the bed not to shatter, but shuddering loose in the frame, with nothing  to reflect except the spackled ceiling. My mirror rests, no more selves to

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COMING SOON OUTPUT Venue Video Pool Artspace April 29th First Friday in the Exchange May 5th with live music LOOK encourages viewers to witness pain and suffering. It offers an alternative story, the space to open minds to difference and disability, from my infancy right up to my fourth marriage. It examines the roles of

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ONE MORE PARANOIA (Prospecting)  Dec 4, 2019 (in Gimli) My van wouldn’t start on Tuesday. A turn of the key created a click followed by a fluttering sound. I wasn’t certain it was the right dead battery sound. I had an appointment, or thought I did with a my General Practitioner at 10:40. Turns out

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