This is the official Look show reading. But not the book the book comes after, hope burns.

This is St. Augustine confessing he once threw pears in fronrt of swine, with a bunch of rowdy Manicheans.

Name calling has already begun in my brain. Pompus piloty pig. No This is the official reading for the Look show! Sounds better already doesn’t it.

That’s another show I’m on about it’s called Listen Here which is formally interesting employing correct and incorrect forms of the ghazal, though preferring the contemporary full Persian with stands by advice, that’s also crying the blues, because the Jimmy Bang Blues Project is not suitable for the tenor of our times. Fix your own jokes, the ingredients are on the table.

I am not crying. An advantage when reading so your listeners aren’t swayed by books they’ve read. Putting that over. Used to be the phrase, eh. Barkers, comedians, ministers of the cloth. Thinking about minister of the cloth at a nudist colony. Galloping Galoshes Galumphries, now there’s a name you can walk home with.

That went over well, and no crying emotion echos goodbye. Sit down!

Hold my nose stuff, such crap and the kid won’t stop spraying Mr Clean the idea

Dawns there might be a connection between spraying chemicals in the air and my headaches.

No this is the official reading for Look show, I am no actor. There will never be an official  reading …imagine a man dressed in a brown wool uniform and big military style very Russian style Official official official official hat my father marched One May Day parade before escaping Moscow after escaping Moscow he never would wear a uniform never go back it is not kind to remember your father strapping (let’s be specific he never hit you, did he)you, that would be me.

How about my father remembering how he was strapped by his father, just like me, for not being where he’s supposed to be – at home.Long after he’s dead and made amends I want crying towels. I am not crying now. My blood hammers my skull screaming to leave above my right hear

I m not crying.

Even in this massive outburst of pain I am happier now than before. Because I am making something of it I’m on a tear, but no tears. I am not
Crying. Fuck That is too bad to keep just a fall back lazy move, peckerhead

There you go with the names again!


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