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Look shows my life since infancy until my recent fourth marriage, to disability advocate Michelle Hewitt,  brought me to Kelowna. Look is showing in Winnipeg in the OUTPUT venue of Video Pool in the Artspace building

Coming Soon

Opening on April 29th at 7pm, with a set of performances on May 5th beginning at 7pm.  I was awarded a Canada Council grant to create a multi-media disability art exhibition featuring the work of 12 Winnipeg artists (where I was when the grant application was filed.). You may be familiar with ekphrasis as a way writers look at an artwork as a prompt for new writing. This Look show flips the practise.

All the artists were given access to all my writing and my website and created an art piece in any discipline we can look at, in response. Though Look show has limited viewing hours and is open until May 12,  it is already in the process of becoming an interactive multi-media website, with many rooms, to be completed in December 2023. Check for information.




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