Amputation, Below the Knee 5 Years Ago

April 5, 2018, 7:30, arrive at 5:45

I’m sure we share several assumptions, most importantly, that I come through the below the left knee amputation, with few if any complications.  So the few instructions below are for recovery. Please understand I give these preferences based on experience of what works for me. This will be my 12th surgery since I was a child.

  1. Pain Management. I have chronic pain, and I know having one foot in the grave will not change it all that much, though I do hope for some improvement. Pain is a huge issue going back to misdiagnosis when I was 14. Please, please provide
    *1b.Fentanyl for pain management for 24 to 48 hours following surgery.
    Diludid is second choice and has worked for my mother and sister. Tramacet is NO good at all.
    I am allergic to morphine. This was discovered post hip replacement surgery at Concordia and my heart raced dangerously. Recovery from the  second hip replacement, also at Concordia was incredibly difficult. Fentanyl was in the surgical plan that we understood one of my doctors had signed off on. The ward staff not convinced until the end of the day. Waiting after the second hip replacement is the greatest pain I have ever experienced, in the between 1 to 10 scale. There was no need for it at all. My recovery took a day longer as a result.
  2. Let me manage my pain meds along with the other nine meds that I have when I don’t need the Fentanyl anymore. I am allergic to many adhesives, if needed the expensive European ones won’t cause a rash.
    *2b. Percocet works on my current pain levels at 5mgs x 5 or 6, for 25 to 30% of the new lowest maximum of 100/day. I have my meds ready in blister packs and a vial for the Percocet and one for a statin I take to reduce my cholesterol. I will leave them in my son Theo’s possession and he will bring them when appropriate. I will sign any waivers if needed to take charge of my own medication. This is best.
  3. Theo Jerrett-Enns (204) 794-7764 (cell) is primary contact and in charge of any decisions about my care
     if I am not able to make them myself. My daughter is second contact.
    3.b Bronwyn Jerrett Enns (204) 930-3270(cell). My paperwork indicates if decisions need to be made the power of attorney is consecutive. Theo works at Cancer Care Manitoba and can be at bedside in 10 to 15 minutes. My daughter works for the CRA  in Transcona, and it will take her longer to get here.
  4. Visitors:
    Theo and Bronwyn, my siblings Garry and Margaret, relatives and friends Anneli Epp and Adelard Gendron, and & Robert Steinberg (my psychiatrist)
    Visiting hours, my third ex-wife, Lynn Chalmers and her daughter Jo, Greg Giesbrecht close family friend.
  5. Discharge: If the bed is needed I am willing to leave sooner, than later, provided I can be transported to Gimli Hospital, as a stop-gap before being on my own in my apartment with only daily nurses visits likely. Please call Matthew at 204-6421607 FAX 204-642-4924 in charge of Gimli home/nursing care. I have discussed this possibility with him. I am eager to recover at home and do have a good support network. I have no wish to be an idiot or compromise my recovery, and will survive another few days of hospital food before coming home, if and when necessary.Thank you. I deeply appreciate the health care me, and my family have received in Winnipeg.
    I hope my preferences are clear enough they can be provided to anyone who needs to know
    (I’ll take care of those who don’t really need to know) I will also provide a separate sheet of contact information.Signed Victor Enns ______________________   Date:_______
    Birth date 03/04/1955
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