The Mad Phoenician Meets Julia Kristeva

BEGINNING AGAIN I have been writing the Abject Alphabet since the 1980s, after Kroetsch’s Sad Phoenician, I must be the Mad Phoenician I thought. I met Julia Kristeva when she was promoting a novel which I’ve since given away. I discovered my friend Peter Dueck (rhymes with dew ick) was in Toronto for national meetings as I

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Murray Toews is a hard-working guy, devilishly modest about his talent making images. He is kind, and a good friend.  He has some invisible disabilities (oops) and something physical/biological that affects his eyebrows. We met when I was publisher of Rhubarb and he was,  first our Visual Arts Editor, then eventually conjuring images for our

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It was regrettable, blessing the donations brought by the devil to the church by pirates, whore-masters, slave-traders, and worse. I swear the money was put to good use to feed us, and have hats, garments and distinctive robes made (employing many I would add) so needed for our public appearances, and banquets, now such an important

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The Ballad of the Children of the Czar

About my blog I will post anything and everything that pops into my head as often as I can,  appropriate from my thinking. This is the most likely spot for He was the kind of guy, jokes, quotations, journal and diary entries. It is born free, as free as the wind blows (remember) which way?

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Poets’ Poker Night in Regina

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The Sad Phoenician – an advent alphabet

Robert Kroetsch entered my  life in 1979, teaching the advanced creative writing workshop at the University of Manitoba.  I heard him read The Sad Phoenician in 1979 the year it was published by Coach House Press. The reading was in St John’s College, the Chapel I like to think. The very same chapel in which

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