Susann with 2nns

Fundamentalist Mennonites decry the worldliness of education, especially for women. Read, see (I have pictures) and hear(I have recordings) how Susann with two nns conquers the odds learning and teaching her way out of the darkest corners of southern Manitoba, beginning in the dirty Thirties, landing in suburban Winnipeg in 1968.


Note: This is my mother. The last line made me think the photo suitable. I am recovering from a difficult cold subdued by a bottle of Benylin, but it ain’t over yet  baby blue.  I came to understand that my mother’s second “n” on Susann was conjured in the 60s, though a Susan with one

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This story prompted the poem “Look”, which can be found in the Letter E and in . My mother told this story about her mother and her brother. Mother loved to go visiting and she usually did this by horse and buggy. She always had to have a “runner” (pacer) so she could go

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