Pictures of My Dad for Father’s Day (better late than never)

Frank's FishDad was a willing, though tentative swimmer, happy to keep my mum company, preferring the warm water at Margaret Grant pool to the Pacific Ocean. He rarely fished, but here he is beaming witBare chested Dadh his catch on the beach at Halfmoon Bay, after a day on the water with my brother-in-law John (the photographer) and my mum.

Dad caused a stir in southern Manitoba when, in the 1940s, on the advice of his older GP brother, he took off his shirt to work in the fields to help clear up his acne. Photographer casting a shadow was mum, capturing his soul.  They were a handsome couple.GREYSCALE_Page_18

Dad did not like taking pictures much, but did at mum’s urging. There are few with him in the picture as a result. There are hundreds of travel photographs of mum and dad’s travel in storage at my brother’s place Garry took Dad out to Halfmoon Bay when he was 90, a year before he died in 2006.

Garry‘s property on the Red was another favourite place of my Dad’s. I’ll post more pictures, perhaps under the heading Men with Beards, when my brother is back in Manitoba later this summer.

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