Not Listening (Not Seeing Last Night)

dapkingsI asked for tickets to see Sharon  Jones and the Dap Kings for my birthday. This is sort of what it looked like at the Walker Theatre last night. I didn’t get to see very much of it, because my wife had  paid for seats on  the “floor.” I insisted because these seats are the only ones in the theatre I can sit in for the length of any show. I thought I might stand for an encore, but as soon as the liquored up (look who is complaining) crowd saw her come on stage after an extended intermission everyone in front of us stood up. I should have brought my wheelchair which I’ve happily packed away in the basement, and wheeled into a main floor loge with a plaid blanket over my knees, and a flask in my breast pocket.   A cane apparently wasn’t  enough to convince the people in front of me I really couldn’t stand, at least not for an hour. An encore maybe, but not for the hour I hope she was on stage.

She has a voice like none other I’ve ever heard, and I’m glad to say I’ve heard her live. I wish though, I had been satisfied with her recordings because I could have had her entire catalog for the price of my birthday tickets. With some cool retro album art on the vinyl.

Yeah, asshole, I know “it’s not that kind of show” and maybe I’ll be dancing in a year from now, but last night you ruined my evening with your lack of consideration and the need to show your “moves.” Fortunately my wife managed to capture my crumdegeon stick before I whacked anybody, though after another ten minutes, it was best to leave. Despite the incredibly tight band, the Mr. Funk bass player band leader, a steaming  horn section, and the back-up singers that warmed up the audience, and then were a perfect complement to Ms Jones. God knows what she’s been through but she was putting on a show, or so it seemed, worthy of anyone at the top of their game.

There seems to be a problem at the Burt/Walker. The intermissions are extended and beer and spirits flow as if it were, oh, a club? And what’s going to happen as us old farts live to be 100 and want to see something as hot as the show last night? It’s not just me, as I heard back from someone at the Steve Earle show, where the audience was so rowdy (Steve Earle, right?) he came damn close to walking off the stage. I’ve heard rumours True North Entertainment might be taking over and I hope they’re listening. I get music that makes you want to move. The Folk Festival has accommodated that with a dancing area, and maybe that’s a solution, taking out some seats on the right sides of the stage. The other is to stop pushing the booze.
And another “semi-disabled” seating, like on a bus. With sight lines, and we will rock the night away dancing in our chairs. V


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