My (New) Left Foot

My new left foot is resisting me, or me it, more likely. 

I will write down the instructions for putting it on, because I always forget something. Today my walker, my extra liner socks, and my shoe for the right foot. Those are just things, and easy to retrieve. I need them to do the next thing, so eventually I’ll  gather everything and begin. It’s the next thing that’s frustrating. Forgetting from one day to the next the basic instructions ….so rote and repetition

like the short script, I’m writing this weekend, that I want to remember for the cabaret in September.

So to continue…once the pin  at the bottom of my liner is perfectly straight (which adheres and connects to the stump bone) the waiting prosthesis needs to be at just the right 45% angle on entry to push firmly with my hand on my knee,until it engages the lock, whch you can see moving when you’re in like flint…ok in half an hour. Frustration leads to brute force, and the chances for bruising and tears go up.

My new wheelchair is deeper so it’s better I move forward on the seat. My OT is trying to find a much better sear cushion, with a $300.00 price point, I’m still not in the top range up to $800.

The best news is going back home, even if just for the weekend. Leave tomorrow at 4pm right after PT, return at 6pm on Sunday night. My bed can’t be vacant  more than two nights without reeking havoc on the empty bed counts or other paperwork. It will be great to go back to Gimli even if there’s sewage in the lake; the Film Festival and just being home will more than make  up for it. Plus some real daily life trials will help focus what we are doing next week in therapy. 

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