Roommates Bed 2

Eugene & Joyce

Eugene’s spine was crushed in a farm accident on April 8th,  20 miles east of Russell.  His son’s emergency call to 911 got a quick response from Rossburn Fire & Rescue. His son kept him motionless until the rescue workers arrived applying a cervical neck collar, and other aids to minimize movement, before taking him to Rossel which has an airport. He was flown from Russel, with his wife  Joyce, in a plane with a doctor, nurse and several other emergency flight crew.  A critical factor in his recovery was how quickly he was able to get to HSC, in just under 12 hours, with emergency surgery from 8 to 12. He  arrived in room 525 on May 1st, Joyce being at bedside all the time, except at night, retiring to her room at Canad Inns. Both agree her support and advocacy has been essential in his recovery. He is paralyzed from chest down, and there is a lot still “up in the air,” including what will be covered by insurance, and how much home care they might expect, as they decide what their next chapter will look like. Born in 1943, he went to work on the farm when he was 16. The family, including one son, now farm 4,000 acres growing grain, and raising cattle. 

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