If a man tips over in his walker on a Wolseley sidewalk and no-one sees him is it still funny?

Where's the polysporin?

Where’s the polysporin?

or as Connie Kaldor sings, “Boom Boom, everybody does it, everybody boom booms down.” I was rushing home from the pharmacy with a super duper cortisone cream for my newly diaganosed possibly stress related ecsema , using my (well the one I borrowed from Jim Gibbs) wheeled walker improperly like a wheel chair, sitting on the seat and propelling myself backward, concentrating on staying in the middle of the sidewalk and “plumps!” hello concrete.

Tommorrow I have to get some SoluverPlus for my plantar wart. And a gross earworm keeps surfacing from Grey’s Anatomy – “A whopper with cheese.”  I’ll spare you the photos, as well as those of the skin in my groin badly scalded by me dumping boiling tea in my lap last weekend. Reflexes  tested normal;  crockery flying,  breaking not only the two teacups on the tea tray, but the two on the night table.

The visiting grandog having a sleepover, though, was totally freaked out higtailing it downstairs and didn’t come up again until retrieved by her owners. Sorry Frida!

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  1. Victor
    Posted May 17, 2013 at 3:50 pm | Permalink

    Jim, no damage to the walker, which I’m using a lot now my cast is off, if not always appropriately.

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