Got gout?

Seems I have. It turns out I really am too full of piss and vinegar! The disease of kings, youngest sons in early English novels, and unrelenting carnivores. I have learned it is a combination of genetics, poor diet, lack of exercise, and too much beer and whiskey. The beer and yes, even the whiskey will not be has hard to give up as the meat; most diets call for a maximum 3 0z serve, possibly two in a day. And us just back from Frigs! While my feet are not the worst site of my gout, it is the most traditional going back to the 18th century in illustrations and literature. I took a look at Google images for fingers (mine hurt) with gout, and they were too gross even for me to post. If anything is going to scare me into a healthier lifestyle, just refreshing my memory by having a look at fingers with gout will do it.

My body is going to turn me into a vegetarian, after years advocacy for a high protein (i.e. meat) and low carbohydrate diet. Apparently I am about to learn about  complex carbs. An acquaintance to whom I was complaining to no avail (he of the vegetarian persuasion) this morning, suggested that I think of it as a painterly diet, full of colour, red peppers, green broccoli, dark leafy greens, yellow peppers, orange oranges, carrots and pumpkins, aubergines, red tomatoes, yellow pineapples, blue berries, red rasberries, red strawberries, black berries (berries are very very good!).   I have heard there may also be pills, and I bet there are no pests in any of the sewers leaving this property unable to survive my toxic waste. But look, I do like red peppers, pineapples, broccoli, romaine and especially berries, look out fruit and veg, here I come!

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