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Winnipeg Review Posted: March 31, 2011 SanctuaryLine/Cities of Refuge Full length Book Reviews Reviewed and abecedaried by Victor Enns After the children go home I am left with two books, Jane Urquhart’s Sanctuary Line and Michael Helm’s Cities of Refuge. Both come with handsome book jackets with yellow as a key colour carrying the now-ubiquitous

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Passages: Three Dead Men In A Drunken Boat

Robert Lowell and Hank William dance with Field Commander Cohen A bad black and white movie, this dying in the back bench seat of a yellow New York taxi cab. Robert Trail Spence Lowell without the heart for the trip home, tips his head on his hoary chest, frees his depressed nuerons to collide with

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Passages; Lowell on Sunday and Roethke

Waking Early Sunday Morning  by Robert Lowell           For Theodore Roethke by Robert Lowell   “I LEAVE MY FATHER’S EYE”                      –  Theodore Roethke I stumble into the pool, my fall checked by the cleanest water until I put my head down my feet up. Enveloped by a field of

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                from Plate nine William Blake came up in a Bryan Sentes Facebook post, as good a reason as any to read passages from The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Blake dines with Isiah and Ezekiel “The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, &

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Ezra Pound’s summary of the new poetics 1913

Published: May 16, 2016 “In the spring or early summer of 1912, ‘H.D’, Richard Aldington, and myself decided we were agreed upon the three principles following: Ezra Pound 1939 Wyndham Lewis 1882-1957 Purchased 1939, Tate Gallery, London (1) Direct treatment of the ‘thing’ whether subjective or objective. (2) To use absolutely no word that does

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Jim Harrison (December 11, 1937 – March 26, 2016)I was introduced to the poetry of Jim Harrison in the 1980s, likely by Ted Dyck who also introduced me to the poetry of Ed Dorn.  Here’s one of Harrison’s early poems in 1961. “Kinship.”

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“William Howard Gass (July 30, 1924 – December 6, 2017), was an American novelist, short-story writer, essayist, critic, and philosophy professor. He penned three novels, three collections of short stories, a collection of novellas, and seven volumes of essays, three of which have won National Book Critics Circle Award prizes and one of which, A

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Redrooffs Readers (and Friends) Book-club Reading List (2017-2018)

Edward Dolnick The Forger’s Spell Sept Joan Thomas The Opening Sky Oct Margaret Lee Shetterly Hidden Figures Nov Margaret Atwood Hag-Seed Dec (Cover detail below) (along with Shakespeare’s The Tempest) Paula McLean Circling The Sun bumped by Bill Browder’s Red Notice January Jan Carolyn Abraham The Juggler’s Children Feb Ann Patchett Commonwealth Mar Diana Athill

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Mennonite Anthologies Launch

The Mennonite Literary Society launches 9 Mennonite Stories, a twin to Rhubarb issue 41, Thursday October 19th at X-cues, 551 Sargent Avenue, doors open at 7:00 pm. There is no cover charge. It’s a new venue for Rhubarbarians, with lots of room, and the usual popular Thursday night X-cues live band jam follows at 9

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Sharing Stories along the 49th Parallel

Writers are beginning to emerge here, on the 49th parallel, approaching me as a Writer-in-Residence at the International Peace Garden situated between Boissevain, Manitoba and Dunseith, North Dakota, sharing their stories. I have begun reading their work and will provide the desired feedback over the next two weeks. For others wanting to get in on

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