Waiting for Dr. Hammond Redux

We started with a hip replacement and riffed off that!"

“We started with a hip replacement and riffed off that!”

My left foot started to hurt again after Christmas, and now it really hurts. On a scale from1 to 10 its a ? Depends on the time of day, and what medication I have taken. I took my foot (along with the rest of me)  to the best foot surgeon in Winnipeg yesterday.  He did  the bone fusion on my left foot in 2012, and my right in 2014, really improving my mobility and quality of life until, well, now. My cartilage is stretching and fraying unable to stop my left ankle from caving in again. I have a prescription for a brace once again, and a prescription for painkillers, agaiImage 1n. And told to last as long as possible until I can’t stand anymore, and then I will have an ankle replacement. Oh, by the way, the same thing is going to happen to my right foot, likely in two years.  The bone fusion was really expected to last longer, because 60 is very young to have an ankle replacement. They generally only last 10 – 12 years, and as yet no good way to do it again. I’ve enjoyed being precocious most of my life, but never realized its disadvantages at 60.

I first got wind of this when I got my hearing aids over a decade ago. “Did I lose some hearing to rock n roll? No, we see a lot of this in older people. You’re aging prematurely.” And so is the rest of me apparently. Luna (in picture, by Greg Giesbrecht)) continues her excellent work as a purring therapy cat, and Alice is another comfort. I can’t say I’m thrilled with the prospect of more osteo surgery, but it will once again reduce pain (in my feet at least) and maintain that all important ability to stand up and walk around.  While pain, and painkillers are hard to live with, I am probably harder to live with, putting a heavy strain on my wife and family. As a good chronic depressive guilt-ridden Mennonite I figure I’m hardly worth it. There are  any number of recipients of my  less than kind emails that would agree. But I’m a Lucky Man. My wife keeps me tidy, and ideas still run at an all time high,  with support and love close around me, I am still creative, and productive, if for fewer hours a day. Pass me my sticks!


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