I is for injury, for interloper, for infatuation, for imagination.

I is for Indigenous, independent and influential.

I is for India, infidel, for Icarus in flight.

I is my personal pronoun, except when I’m plural, which has been happening a lot lately, CGI or no CGI, I am mostly me. Whatever I am or is, I’m not U.

I is for immune, for icon, for insane.

I is for incarcerate, incinerate, inappropriate.

I is for idea. As in “what’s the big.”




Never been heard or seen
before I have seen it. Awe shucks,
almost heard it, but I’m not wearing
my hearing aids. Nearly caught
a glimpse but I’m not wearing
my looking glasses,  so lie to me instead.
I’ll believe you.




    I is for for intubate, with my wife’s permission 
    slide that fat flexible tube down my throat
    lungs full of dirty vegetable
    the tube getting my goat.


              I is for inspiration, there was no room for that. 

             I is for id, largerly hid

              I is for incest. (Coming up next)

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