My Sister and Brother

I’m the baby of the family. My sister and my brother played a big part in my life. My sister left home when she was 16 to go to university.  She was often my primary caregiver, as we say today. My brother was an influential reader in my life. He let me tag along when he was at the Manitoban at the University after we moved to Winnipeg.

They were infants during my Dad’s flirtation with farming, which didn’t take, and were toddlers when dad and mum returned to teaching in Blumenfeld. My sibs have fond memories, as did my parents of this time, though my brother remembers having to share a bedroom with his sister and was kept in a crib longer than he liked because the room was so small.  Cats were outdoor animals, and this picture has my interest because they are both holding one and I can’t remember them having much time for cats, indoors or out. What strikes me when I look at the image is the colour of my sister’s hair, and how my brother looks so much like his son did at the same age.



Here they are with me one  Christmas as teenagers, still in the old house.

This is the most recent photo, taken when my sister came for a visit this fall and he was in Aubigny, home from Iqaluit where he works. He is showing some very fine prints he’s made from photographs he’s taken there.

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