My Daily Smog

I‘m thinking about getting it on. Anywhere, in the bedroom, sure, in the writing studio, ok, even during a writing workshop. It’s my leg, you see. I can spend from five minutes to half an hour putting it on. What was on my mind this morning was about time and space, but on the most basic level to a narcissist. Where can I do this, how long will it take…followed quickly by where else could I be, what else could I be doing. Disability is a thief, stealing time as pain and disability management rob you blind. Huh, did I just say that. Depression, mental illness no different than what physical losses you manage, and, no surprise they often go together. Right now I wanted to do a long think piece for my website. This is all the time I’m giving it today because of other more important things to do. Says who. Says me! The timer I took for getting my leg on and writing about it the side of one vinyl record…Talking Heads, starting with Burning Down the House, Side one of Speaking in Tongues. Just turned it over…Not quite ready for dancing (if I ever was) but could manage the “Enns or Ens Stomp.” Something you’ll read about in my serial called Preacher’s Kids, debuting in October.

Brought out the overalls first time today, walked outside for half an hour, using two canes. Finally got myself to Viking Park developing a bit of a short circuit…for walking around Waterfront Centre. Overalls are a necessity because they don’t pinch me and I can get them over my legs and braces. Walking outdoors is possible because while there is still some smoke on the water, the smoke from Manitoba’s own fires let up. I am considering going to the Gimli Beach Bash featuring the Trews, whose music I like, but more likely I’ll stay in and play their cds.  Yes the rubber “liner” is hot, though comfortable, tidying everything up. So now to “towel off,” wash the sticky side of my liner, lie on my back for a while, and then put my prosthesis back on, to work at my desk and walk indoors.

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