Misdirected thoughts listening to Schafer String Quartet 7

  1. Thinking about the pharmacy I say I was thinking
  2. About the pharmacy ring the bell please understand I don’t need
  3. The Percocet now, but in two weeks. I am asking now
  4. So will have the little I need in two weeks.
  5. This now is Schafer string quartet 7. Lyrical in violin first theme and in cello with the second theme
  6. Which brings the colour down a bit, but there is still light penetrating the smoke
  7. The 10+ totally awful airqauality head ache headache so can I still dictate while I’m listening. Next paragraph seems so
  8. . There’s a sermon sounding like a Thurman theremin there we are sure why not but it’s a soprano well of course it’s a soprano both Schafer’s wives were sopranos two wives one and two I had one through 4 none of them could sing like this but all of them knew a good line when they saw one
  9. This is actually pretty splendid so there must be lyrics it’s more than just ooze and the letter O it rises it falls there is fear apparently apparently this soprano is backing off the stage so it sounds off in the distance now maybe she’s been outside maybe she’s running away because there’s fear or that’s what I hear will be great when I get my hearing aids back though won’t it
  10. OK so here we have the Viola I have a cousin named Viola Viola Epp she never played the Viola also the cello and I think maybe even a violin she never played. let’s all get involved you know even this darkness is pretty gentle there are vaccinations to be had there are infections to be at I’m staying inside folding laundry and wondering where did I get this headache
  11. not so much I am planning to make cottage pie for supper and we will have to sort this out because here comes the soprano insisting they really should have baked beans can’t really have cottage pie  without baked beans but I’ve never baked beans in a pie.  When the soprano’s hit those upper notes with a bit of volume behind them breathing from their pelvis R pudenda if you’re allowed to say that and really let it blossom I don’t know why he’s so infatuated with that sound
  12. theremin, that’s the sound he’s mimicking why not just get a theremin of course then it wouldn’t be a quartet what a but how is it a quartet now if she’s singing I’m having coffee that’s going to help actually I’m perking right up ah saying she’s doing a lot of signing now sahagin sighing sighing and Yang Yang too why not an yen Yang and Fred Wah’s music at the heart of thinking I was something he thought of I’m so glad to be doing this again have I told you how glad I am to be working again Oh my God
  13. and how I can make paragraphs with the return key that might help actually in dictating poetry I should try that do I dare have a second little cup of coffee I’ve loved my thermas this big metal thermas is humongous and that’s probably a good thing for the wedding I like stainless steel but this is not a stainless steel quartet no it feels a lot more organic i really should check on the song to it’s a long one movement piece it’s gonna have to find the lyrics in wiki I think which might screw things up I don’t know doesn’t matter if I understand it
  14. here we are in the second page danger always with dictation long long long go long go long gong gong gong it was gone gone gone gone so long and she had a wonderful feeling yeah of course banger going of course she had one good for her next paragraph let’s go
  15. Smith spring if you and I were lovers I’m hearing life would be so sweet I will just give you a swing a sweet a single shrug obio it’s just a very thin reedy violin but OK it’s over like oboe like I’m hearing tonsils now there’s never a cartoon of a singing soprano without her epiglottis is it or is it are you view love quivering quivering shaking in her mouth I wonder if they realized the cartoonist of course they did of course the cartoonists knew what they were doing with that does her clitoris work yeah well anyway where am I going with this i’m back but i need to know how how long this piece is and it’s 27 minutes and there’s 18 minutes left so we’re at the 19 minute mark and it sounds like a wood block but of course if it’s a quartet though Murray wouldn’t really be held in by the fact that a quartet is with four instruments it would be using a sound go like a woodblock or he was using a woodblock it sounded like a metronome it sounded like a metronome
  16. here we are again so lyrical theme being passed from the violin to the Viola to the cello no my cello angry set up a bit peeping Tom peeping Tom peeping Tom parting the curtains Yikes they see each other in the mirror of the glass there’s the metronome there’s the metronome now we have a little dance in the violin dancy dancy
  17. I’m a little on the dizzy side and I don’t know if it’s the coffee my leg or my pain and it’s not that late yet I took my meds near 12 so I can’t really take them again until noon I mean until 4 sort of drifting right but doctor John cabots in would say that’s alright just bring your mind back back to what you’re meditating on and I’m meditating on Schafer’s 7th quartet being played by
  18. The .22 c a;ibre b ullet is the fismallest to kill you and me. At this point I might guess it’s too long but I’ll have to read the lyrics maybe if you heard them they would be more engaging and there would be a story to tell beyond me just talking about what’s happening on a very surface so like this would be a level so if I was going to write this as a quartet then I would write different parts I don’t know if I would I could start with the soprano I suppose and then right all the different parts in other words the violin is saying this the Viola is saying this the cello was saying this and the lyrics well never mind the lyrics they were saying something too they were saying something too I love to swing in my chair twirling in this spring Ling in the swings I’m thinking about riding in the land and the storm that happened that night and Theo holding up his arms and shouting I’ll save us as the tent was being threatened with wind so fierce that they could blow us away but couldn’t really they could lay a blow the tent down over us which is what happened but here I am not listening to the fat lady that singing again well I shouldn’t say fat lady that’s not right is it next paragraph I have no idea what she looks like I’m thinking actually pretty thin from the sound that I’m hearing
  19. I’m going on to the next page so I don’t really need to but I think I should put a paragraph into the last one one of the things about this kind of composition is it doesn’t take into account how often you’re dealing with external things like chewing your sub nail and being irritated by the pain in your right knee here we have a bit of dashing about with syncopated 8th notes and then a bit of lyricism when they reach the top end of let their doing the pizzicato something I like only rarely this is going to be some mess I think this could be a cut actually now there’s an idea I wonder if I could set up a program that would just pick every third line or something and have it make the least amount of sense this shape her number 7 which of course was written to make a lot of sense but which I’m ignoring OK you will look up the lyrics of course you look up the lyrics you’re feeling really good right now boy you should drink coffee more often C and then you could pump a little water into it and you would have a small glass for both and do you want your cold water tasting a bit like coffee well maybe I do
  20. I will need to concentrate harder and talk less only beginning to focus if I wouldn’t know better I’d hear I just heard two piano keys being played there’s always this sort of shouting singing this I’ve heard before it is in fact if it’s just like when you’re finishing the phrase and it’s on a rising tone usually yeah now we have some repetition that’s interesting it sounds like gallop she’s galloping though I don’t think she’s riding a horse the voice is galloping was no Monty Python coconuts here oh I’ve got to talk less oh I have to talk less oh I have to talk less maybe I should take every 7th line and see what happens OK but I still have to wait till it finishes we’ll do that will do this several ways from Sunday but it would be great to have another one of these done by the end of the month would not I wonder when I’ll hear about the CBC literary competition other writers aren’t supposed to want to win prizes we all do and we all know we’re not supposed to even enterprises especially since the classless money how vain we are oh wait a minute she’s faded out.





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