Choral Music + Medication

I’m listening to choral music, which often happens on Sundays. I was raised on four part harmony chorales and hymns. I have the music streamed into my hearing aids, which double as my cell phone connection. I’m messing about today because we went out to friends for a lovely dinner last night, and that involves using energy that means recharging today. Our carer Jared is here, cleaning the kitchen where he will cut potatoes into 8ths or smaller for roasting to accompany the 2nd half of a pork roast, with coleslaw prepared by our carer Courtney on Friday. My next meds are scheduled for 4 pm, when Jared finishes.

Music, in “studies show,” category, will reduce pain by providing pleasure or activating my pleasure receptors. Often, when I am in too much pain to concentrate to read books about pain for example, I listen to music, realizing finally I’ve been using music as a help to my mental health since I bought my first records.

I am still taking a med cocktail that has not changed much since 2000. The most recent change is to Oxy-neo, which is a time release opiod, which is to last 12 hours, but lasts me only 9. By this time, 8 hours and counting, the pain is severe, including my bruised bum. I fell in a sub-optimal transfer from bed to wheelchair and landed on my prosthetic leg, kicking my own butt it seems. Add my cold, and well, I’m out of here, not well. Music meanwhile fills the holes where the rain  gets in. Listen.



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