I’m listening to Aretha Franklin singing “Son of A Preacher Man “ which I am, and Preacher’s Kids a novel on the drawing board. I could be listening to Radio 2, though this is the time slot once, when I was younger, I listened to “As it Happens” as religiously as I used to listen to “This Country in the Morning”, (CBC AM) especially with Gzowski as a host.  I him met once in Regina where he was speaking at a Writers Development Trust Dinner, charming as a host and speaker, instrumental to the maturing of Canadian writing and publishing,  a cranky old fart in person in Bonnie Burnard’s living room, whose addiction to tobacco finally killed him.

I had given up on Radio One, except for the occasional DNTO , but am being brought round by my wife Lynn who is a fan of information, news and, public affairs radio broadcasting learned in Australia listening to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).  I realize one of the reason I prefer music programming may be hearing loss, music is less aurally demanding, but don’t want to go into another bitch n moan.  My Radio 2 favourites are Tom Allen at Shift and Molly Johnson on weekend mornings until I can get my fix of choral music.  We listen to Tapestry who I owe a documentary on Mennonite writing I never finished in the 1990s.

Back to the music. I buy cds. I buy tunes. Old habits die hard, and I load everything into my computer to which I have attached a totally kick-ass cultish and extinct Monsoon speakers that I traded for a silver whiskey flask.



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