Got to have some laundry detergent
Body wash too, (cause baby)
I wanna make clean
love with you.

We need some veg
and some meat (yes we do)
to roast or grill
on the charcoal barbecue.

I could go for some
fresh pasta, Argentinean sausage too –
we have enough pesto
I’d love to mix up with you.

Gotta have some fruit;
let’s buy pineapple, and mango
with some melon for my spoon –
I’ll salad my fruit for you.

Cheese not on the diet
we don’t keep. Eggs though
baby, I’ll herb and scramble
or poach, the way you

taught me to. Baby, let’s go
shopping. We need some bread,
luncheon meat. We’ll make
sandwiches, juices are taboo –

potatoes too. The dietician never
said anything about soup, so let’s
call it veg. We can make it fresh –
but we always have two

in cans or home made, like you make me.
Fine Mennonite egg noodles for Lipton’s
on the shelf. Let me say this                                                “I’ve missed shopping with you.”
No desserts.


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