Going to the country

Canned Heat played a thin blues back in the day, especially “Going to the country, going to the country, got to get away. “ Bruce Cockburn wrote his own  “Going to the Country,”  recorded and released on his first album (still have the vinyl  of both)

My brother who introduced me to Cockurn’s music (and author of the award winning community history, Gretna, where we grew up) is coming to pick up my sister and me.  He will take us to visit our parents’ grave, a drive,  and time at his place in Aubigny were the Manitoba Writers’ Guild was born, ending the day with a chicken dinner, and a return trip to Wolseley.  The weather has just been spectacular since my sister’s arrival on Saturday. It’s been six years, since the death of my father (author of his father’s biography “Ohm Franz” translated to English by my sister and published in English as Elder Enns), that we three spent a day together. Looking forward to it.

We’re all readers, so we will likely talk about what we’re reading at the moment. I’m reading Tregebov’s second novel The Shiva, which I hoped to recommend as Book of the Month.  Whether it’s a case of sophomore slump, the arid topic of short-selling, or the use of hyphens for dialogue (like James Joyce, like John Dos Passos), this novel does not live up to his first, The Briss which I reviewed for the Winnipeg Fress – there’s a link to my review on my Reading page or click here.


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