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Sam’s Place Hosts

Envoi Poetry Circle #1, Featuring
Violinmaker’s Lament and Cutthroats and other poems
7:30 pm, Sam’s Place, Wednesday, October 142015 Envoi Gladys Elegies Cover
159 Henderson Highway (free parking in the adjacent lot)


The Envoi Poetry Festival is over but Envoi continues to campaign for poetry year-round. Envoi Poetry Circles are modeled after Robert Kroetsch’s creative writing workshops circa 1979. The poet distributes the work to be discussed prior to the workshop, which everyone reads. The poet reads some of the work at the beginning of the poetry circle, then takes a breath and listens as everyone in the talking circle has a turn to talk about their response to the work. Then the poet responds and discussion ensues.

There is no cost to join Envoi poetry circles but registration is required, either by email at: [email protected] or in-person at Sam’s Place, 159 Henderson, when picking up the two books of poetry. Writers, readers and other civilians (non-poets) are encouraged to participate.

Copies of John Weier’s Violinmaker’s Lament and Ted Dyck’s Cutthroats and Other Poems are now available free of charge at Sam’s Place, 159 Henderson Highway, and are yours to keep, provided you return to participate in the first poetry circle on Wednesday October 14. Two more Mennonite Poetry Project circles are being planned, the last featuring The Gladys Elegies, by Barbara Nickel, and Simone Weil: Songs for Hunger and Love by Sarah Klassen, Wednesday December 9th.

The premise of these workshops is to increase readers of, and dialogue about, poetry. Book reviews are scarce, and poets would like to hear from their readers. The first poetry circles, take place on Sam’s handicapped accessible second floor. Ted Dyck will attend by Skype. John Weier, and Dennis Cooley who edited Cutthroats and Other Poems are also confirmed guests.

The Mennonite Poetry Project is sponsored by the Mennonite Literary Society.

For more information contact Andy Arthur at [email protected]

Or Victor Enns at [email protected].

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