I have been NO I am writing MANIFESTOS. I like to figure 5 is enough. Remember before capital letters were promoted to uppercase in keeping with the type room and styling type. Never you mind!

I am up to five manifestos, would easily seem to be enough. 
Breathe, Suffer, Desire, Suffer, and Love

PERSIST has been accepted as a manifesto by wordgathering and should be free to release in November. I’ll crosspost. 

Where does it hurt. On a scale of 1 to 10 how much does it hurt.


I take risks. I used to call myself a risk manager getting things done despite being afraid or taking a chances that could Adam coming back to fight. Dictating this my hands hurt too much I’m not quite sure where my brain is not as a premedicated but I want to start working on this idea my persist manifesto. The first manifesto is always read area in my life perseverance has been a primary method of achieving success despite lacting a complete toolbox whether it’s intelligence or logic are inability to colour between the lines to stay inside the line.Always breathe

I have failed big. The poetry conference poetry festival called on boy as a good example leaving my job and investing $30,000 in my retirement fund to pay artist fees because the Canada Council rejected twice. The festival anyway nobody came. I persisted I raised not enough money anyway dictating with my eyes closed as if I can understand better what it is you know what I’m reaching for in the world it feels like dipping a bucket in dark water. 

I have beewn called a “force of nature,” only to have it qualified, ‘like tornados, tsunamis,
hurricanes, droughts, floods, famines, easrthquakes, and Manitoba blizzards,. You get the picture,” Then  being sent to coventry by the speaker.

I have been married four times I have been divorced three times. I have submitted grants that is grand application 14 different Canada Council deadlines now that I have had three successful applications years apart in this century I’ve been told I’m a lucky man. That I’ve had a windfall mostly just persisted someone I know submitted their manuscript of their first novel and when it was turned down by McClelland and Stewart decided it was no good and they would never try again I don’t do that manuscript out right now had they’ve been poetry books insignificant perhaps but I persist writing having a published and sending workout sometimes pretty strange places for the B list poet. Next pac

I’m opening an art installation exhibition and screening next fall as early as September the 29th and I’m still writing for it still hiring people for it art made I’ve persisted these images I’ve had in my head for quite a long time. I have presented it in many different ways. One of the things I’ve done is work on something called the object alphabet abject that’s it object alphabet abject damn you that’s it. Letter Zeta Fr finished but maybe as many years get done because I’m losing my mind. Persist the ultimate loss if all you’ve got left always breathe I suppose I shall say breeze I persisted breathing just make sure I die before my insurance policy is invalid which is 100 years. I have raised 3 successfully lost children also sometimes called launched what a lucky thing I did the credit you see is OTHERS don’t wanna give me the credit or have done a things they found it hard.

 Next paragraph my fourth wife Michelle Hewett is a big help tells me how strong I am and I keep working despite my pain or loss of sense. And right now I’m working on two senses for projects call to look show the other listen here how do I persist with the object alphabet well I can’t recognize my chin my children. This is page one and then I’m gonna have to strip a whole bunch of shit away but at least with dictation I have some words to start with always breathe should be changed simply to breathe persist pain I don’t know if pain is a manifest maybe it is just breeze and persist and create breeze persist at create my message to the world. Once again that’s breathe, persist, create. OK I’ll turn that around just one I think it’s better to say breathe create, and persist. Time for meds.

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