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“I paint what I see.” Artists through the centuries have responded differently to their vision, even to what’s right in front of them. What they see is not always representational but imaginative art making prompted by what they see. Painters, visual artists, use a variety of stimuli to inspire their art making. Music listening certainly

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Misfit Blues

Choreographed by Paul-André Fortier, Danced by Paul and Robin Poitras, this gentle and engaging work, at different times lyric, abstract, and narrative, was presented by Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg last week. This playful dance inspired some new poems for my manuscript called Music for Men Over Fifty, Songs of Love (and Surgery). Anyone in

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Ignite Ideas

So ACI has some work to do on lighting, and yes, I would change some things, but what’s important is making good things happen. Let’s see if i can get it up.    

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Two Views of boy – 2

Victor Enns, Boy (Regina, SK: Hagios Press, 2012). 103 pages, ISBN: 978-1-926710-14-3 available from McNally Robinson Booksellers in person or by mail order for $17.95  Reviewed by Angeline Schellenberg Victor Enns’s fourth poetry collection paints a picture of a rural Manitoba boyhood in a time when TV was new and boys could bike across the

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Afghanistan Confessions 8.0

Have just emailed T/Ed Dyck, the WorDoctor, over 250 pages  of my poetry manuscript  called Afghanistan Confessions, written in the voices of Canadian soldiers. I’ve received a MAC gran t to engage his services to turn a rambling gambling 250 + manuscript in to about 125 pages of poetry that might actually be publishable. Have

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