Good news and bad news. My blood pressure is a low 110 over 70, not unusual in our family, my father and brother the exceptions. It seems I arrived at my GP’s with barely a pulse. The doc checked the pulse in my feet, including the one that will be sacrificed next Thursday, for the greater good of the rest of my body and my brain. All in order, if sluggish. “Haven’t had my afternoon coffee I says.”

Then he says, come up and I rolled my wheelchair next to his white office chair, to look at the blood test results on the computer. I still  haven’t found my hearing aids. Way to many red highlights. My cholesterol has finally reached unacceptable levels (first time,  for everything) triglycerides also high, but at least this time I know it’s not my beverages. Sugar and uric acid good. The final blow was the pronouncement that my blood protein levels like albumin were too high. So much for cooking roasts I thought. Checking the Mayo Clinic site though I’ve learned
I’ve  just now checked the Mayo Clinic site too find some relief in

“A high-protein diet doesn’t cause high blood protein. High blood protein is not a specific disease or condition in itself. It’s usually a laboratory finding uncovered during the evaluation of a particular condition or symptom. For instance, although high blood protein is found in people who are dehydrated, the real problem is that the blood plasma is actually more concentrated.” So just another thing to watch and test. He prescribed a statin for my high cholesterol, taking my medication number into double digits.

Finally though, the concern remains with my irregular and incompetent heart, so more  ECG with echo (?) and more tests. I can’t imagine why it’s been left to the last weeks, and only with my prodding. So much for my bitch ‘n moan. Time to make my place habitable for granddaughters!

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