TODAY’S BIO for the Journal of Mennonite Writing

Victor Enns was the publisher of Rhubarb magazine, including anthologies of Mennonite fiction, poetry, and literary criticism. Finding clarity in 2005 he published Lucky Man, boy (2012) Afghanistan confessions (2014) with Hagios Press, and most recently Love & Surgery (Radiant Press) in 2019. He has been published in Rattle magazine and most recently in Grain, and the disability journal word gathering (Syracuse)  During his time with Rhubarb Victor worked with visual artist Murray Toews.  They now collaborate producing short videos based on Enns’ writing and Murray’s skills in drawing and multi-media. They are producing a major disability art installation called LOOK, in  Winnipeg beginning September 29th, with 12 Manitoba artists, including Toews, responding to Enns’s texst on abjection and disability, with support from the Canada Council of the Arts. He is completing a manuscript called Always Breathe from which the poems in  this issue are taken, and Listen Hear. An amputee, donating his body to medical science one limb at a time, he lives in Kelowna with his wife, disability activitst and Disability Studies Ph.D. candidate Michelle Hewitt and their Bernese  Mountain Dog.

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