50th Parallel on the waterfront


I am settling in to my new home on 1st Avenue in the Waterfront Front Centre, handicapped accessible, built and managed by the Betel Home Foundation. The Life Leases have the benefit of the

The back door loading zone at the Waterfront Centre.

 Back door loading zone at the Waterfront Centre.

view at the front of the building; I have the benefit of living close to the water, five floors up from the street, and close to everything that matters in Gimli, for $850 inclusive of all but telephone. This is Latitude 50.63, which, to acknowledge this really is not “North” I’ll round down to the 50th Parallel.

I swear my brain is re-calibrating to accommodate the advantages of my location, my ability to get around the entire apartment, that is INTO the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room which serves as my writing studio, and my rather unfortunate kitchen which I have fixed up with an Oster Blender in mint condition, and a toaster oven it more than adequate condition. I paid $8.00 each and use them regularly.

I first used GPS when I was attending a healing the wounded Afghanistan veterans’ workshop at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg. I arrived the night Obama was elected for his first term. I managed the freeways from Washington to Harrisonburg, Virginia well, but I often drove around in circles, pleased the GPS voice didn’t get frustrated, in Harrisonburg, particularly after dark.

I know am able to use my iPad as a GPS but still had trouble finding Tim Brandt’s house on Wardlaw this summer because it was actually on Warsaw, or was it the other way around. My son though, takes the gold medal for using his iPhone finder function to track down my iPad that had been ditched by thieves that had lifted it when I wasn’t paying attention at the new Selkirk Regional Hospital. The weather, it was dry, so the next day after work Theo follows his iPhone and FINDS my iPad at the side of Highway Nine just past Husavik Road. He has to shout up to me, but eventually I realize someone outside is calling my name, and with him is my iPad. Outside of it being useful on its on, I use my iPad with an unlimited data plan with tethering to use the Web and the Internet on my iMac.

I did, with my son’s assistance, manage to get my landline activated, and it’s helpful because its used as the security entrance mechanism, and I have unlimited Canada wide calling to reach family and friends. Plus I won’t lose it. One of them even has a corded handset. I have a bathtub I can bathe in, lovely for my bones. So tomorrow I get daily newspaper delivery for the first time, and have a haircut. I have started work on my next manuscript, but there is still more minutiae to work through by the end of the week.

I am glad I focused on replacing the air conditioner even if the process was fraught with angst and anxiety, the 6,000 BTU is enough for my writing studio, and I have a big fan in the bedroom.

My view from 505A

My view from 505A.

I do have the too large 10,000 BTU perfect condition LC air conditioner for sale for the low price of $160 on Kijiji. It does make a sturdy end table next to my favourite chair, but that’s a bit of a waste. We’re enjoying 30 C temperatures this week, but I, for one, do not enjoy the heat. And it’s cool enough to cook, after a  CPP-cheque-day sponsored visit to the grocery story.

Growing up in a family of teachers, and spending a decade on campus in the 1970s, fall is my favourite season. Even my brain has recalibrated to this place, I swear the neurons are being realigned and the serotonin is finding new ways for me to be (oy) at this time and is ready for work…well maybe next week. Wait until I tell you about my foot. Another time.

– August 29, 2017

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