Pre-op Miscellany

I’ve not read Loves of a Girl Wrestler, but I have read Faceless Killers and two others in the Wallander series by Henning Mankel, which translate better to the screen than to English. I did go to the League of Poets Conference in Toronto last weekend, and as long as I rested in the afternoons had a good time, meeting some new people and poets including Dennis Reid, Louise Carson and Jenna Butler.   I  recommend her 2012  collection Wells published by University of Alberta Press in their Robert Kroetsch series. Despite my general resistance to poems about grandmothers, was won over by several poems in the sequence called “Garden.” Carson’s Rope: A Tale told in Prose and Verse was published by Broken Rules Press in 2011 and is a delightful illustrated hangman historical. I’ll read Reid’s books when I’m back home after my hip surgery scheduled for tomorrow. He  provided a lot of helpful information as he has successfully recovered from a similar operation a year ago.

My right hip replacement surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday June 14th, at 10:15 a.m. I have attended classes on surgery in general, total hip replacement surgery specifically, and one on pain management. Pain has become so much worse since I had to stop taking my Nabumetome, a Non Steroid Anti- inflammatory Drug  (NSAID), which I wasn’t sure was doing a lot, but as it turns out has been playing a major role in managing my pain, which is getting worse every day.  You can’t take them right before or after surgery because they thin the blood or increase the chance of clots. The oxycocet is doing its best, but there is a limit even to what a good narcotic can do and how much I can stomach My wife Lynn has been working overtime looking after me and getting a wide variety of ability aids needed for recovery which include to date; three various walkers, two toilet seat risers, dressing stick, a sock putter oner, and sturdy poles and grab bars. This is in addition to the two wheelchairs we have, and the handrails to the stairs that will be mounted when I’m in hospital. Even our dog Alice has been doing her doggie best to look after me by joining me in  her bed when I’m in ours doing Management Based Stress Reduction listening to the dulcet tones of Dr. Jon Kahbut-Zihn.

I have at least a dozen posts begun on subjects as varied as resilience and the artistry of Jerry Lee Lewis and his influence on the work of Dave Edmunds. Huh. While i will have some updates posted by others on the Rhubarb site, I’ll be away for a week or more. The weather is fine, the house is being painted, and I’m off work until after July long.


I’ll be back.









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