My Daily Fog

Today I learned my wheelchair had pop-off wheels, which I didn’t know or remember. I can’t believe someone showed me and I NEVER used the feature. It is possible  I might leave the wheels on when loading  it into my van, thinking it would be too much of a bother to take them off, but surely not every frikkin time! So thanks to Allie  I will remember I have an option…for the next month when I will be standing on two feet and walking most of the time. 

I’ve named this blog Fog because of my penchant for not paying attention and thinking about everything except what I actually am doing in the moment. Even so I argue you can be in an imagined moment just as mindfully as being in the moment sans imagination. My fail in this scenario is that often I’m not having great thoughts or wildly imagined moments, but thinking about the next thing I planned to do. 

Today I walked 600 metres, four times around the gymn with Ron spotting me. Tomorrow more of the same except I will keep the two wheeled walker, the first I can remember it being the right length.

I ran into Shelley  Kowalchuk who I knew at the Manitoban in the 70s. I was resting because I did the laps two at a time. It was great to catch-up, even briefly.

My daughter Bronwyn brought cherries and peaches, Yay!  She came  from work.  I always like to hear the latest conundrum facing her as a young professional in the federal bureaucracy. I’m also glad it’s not me in her shoes. 








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