My lungs

I was a child during the polio epidemic in the 50s I was only born in 1955 so the worst of the scare passed me by. There was a fella in town but wasn’t so lucky and had irrepairable lung issues and wanted to keep breathing understandably. So he spent most of his time in an iron lung I saw a picture in a newspaper of the day of him driving a car in his iron lung. He was lying on his stomach and training his neck and driving with the steering wheel and touch paddles I guess on the steering wheel. No boy could be without wheels in the 1950s and 60s. I’ve never had a lung infection pneumonia anything that had to do with phleg AM was filmed, phgelm Fade into in my sinus is stayed in my sinus is so sinus headaches irritable eyes the runny nose sore throat sort of like what’s going on now but seldom did whatever was bugging me but my lungs. My lungs were said to have good capacity for being a trumpet player and what their important for me now is simply the breathing exercises that they do and that is they rise and fall rise and fall horizon fall.

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