Let’s Talk One; Monday November 12, 2017

Housekeeping interuptus


Assigned Task: Empty the dishwasher.

shpitzdishesthLeave my desk, turning around in my wheelchair, remembering I have empty cups and mugs on my desk. I turn back pick them up. Take them to the dining room table. Notice salt and pepper shakers waiting to be filled. Before rolling into the kitchen on to the lino, I notice the floor is dirty. Turn back, get a small bagless vacuum cleaner, (replaces the Shop Vac in my locker bought on impulse because I wanted to vacuum my apartment and was angry I didn’t have the Miele anymore, so in a self-defeating act of defiance I bought a huge high powered shop vac at the local Home Hardware, which was always in the way until I replaced it, the ShopVac I mean), and vacuum the kitchen floor. Realize after, it’s likely full, and spill the bagless vacuum container when I open for it to go in the garbage. The good hepa filter is really dirty, (partly because I use the vacuum to pick up my coffee grinding spills) so I rinse it, and manage to open the dishwasher door, I see I have no counter space so I start to put away the spices usedfor supper yesterday. Fill the salt and pepper grinders. See the coffee containers, grind the rest of it, and realize I’m going to run out this week, when the phone rings. It’s the Dr.s office, he’s covering in Emerg today can I come tomorrow. No, how about Thursday, ok at 1:20. Roll back, put the filter back in the Handi-Vac, and vacuum the floor again, closing the dishwasher to do so. Open the door under the sink to vacuum and the recycling is full. I collect the newspapers and realize I will have to change my WFP information for the third time since September because delivery has stopped while I wait for a replacement master card. I fill up the recycling bag to have an excuse to go to the main floor and check my mail before I “finish” emptying the dishwasher. So, as suspected, too early, no mail yet, but aha I sure fooled me! Because I have this here blue bag of recycling to toss into the bins at the end of the hall. I get back and realize I’m thirsty, drink water, seeing my thermos of coffee say, ok you can stop for coffee AFTER you finish emptying the dishwasher. So now I’ve got the dishwasher open, and I take out the utensils and pout them away first, then pots pans, mostly lids it seems, but maybe leave the soup pot on the stove to make more soup to take to my brother who is in hospital. You can look up the recipe for beef and barley soup AFTER while you have your coffee, so the rest of the bottom of the dishwasher I put away. Then start on the top shelf. I notice grain bread with a bread knife and butter beside it, cut myself a slice, pour the coffee (nearly there!) into one of the clean mugs I’m putting away.

And then, and then TA DA! I finish putting away the clean glasses and other stuff from top shelf.

Elapsed Time 55 Minutes. Coffee and recipe search …….

Next Assigned Task: Fill the dishwasher.

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