Early Morning Wine Store Blues (Dream)

A morning person, I leave the house before daylight. Two pariah dogs follow me as I hurry to get wine for Thanksgiving Dinner before the crows make shopping too difficult.

wine shop 3I stop first at the new shop on the North side of Portage Avenue. The dogs , having delivered me safely, continue on their way. The shop is open but only dimly lit. I fumble for the light switch, only to see the shopkeeper vanish when I flip the switch. I spend close to an hour, checking out the shelves, various wines, unsorted on any principle I can understand.

I find beer, including an unusual 12 pack of Grolsch in cans the size of Heineken, which I put down when the staff begins to arrive flipping various switches revealing the store also sells men’s and women’s wear, especially coats and leather shoes, none in my size. I turn to leave and see a book section. Alarmed I bolt across Portage into a strip mall with a central reception desk, with no security guard, the sliding door to another unlit wine shop unlocked.  As soon as I’m inside I know there is something seriously wrong,

Expecting an ambush, sweating under my coat, I pivot on the heel of my cast, and walk into one of the glass panes shattering.  Gathering myself up  I hurry away. When I get home I say to my wife, making our morning coffee, “ain’t it great we live near three private wine stores plus the Liquor Mart.” “So what did you get?” she asks. “Nothing,” I reply, I couldn’t decide.”


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