I have a large section of Dreams going to the Archives, but there are several floaters not pinned to the page yet. Like this one.



I am seated at a lengthy concert in a building older (but not the) than the concert hall, but with more leg room than Pantages’s or the Walker. I was sitting next to a gorgeous woman, who took my hand just briefly, specially considering the concert’s length. She left after second intermission to return wearing what seemed to be a different dress. The polka dots  were gone and instead a purplish satin sheath. I have never enjoyed purple.

The concert was being recorded by CBC, but with only two microphones not very high standards….maybe just a documentary recording.

There was one do-over, one seventh inning stretch. I constantly had to push step myself back to my seat. Next to me she was wearing black dress shoes. I lifted my left pant leg to show her I had a fake leg. I was anxious because I couldn’t remember where I parked the car, or whether the woman sitting next to me had come to the concert with me.

The concert ended with five bagpipers playing a bagatelle in front of the orchestra, kilts but with five ballet-trained dancers adding to the melee.

The woman was gone, amid just a smattering of applause, as I struggled upright walking up grade to the back ….lights up just as I stepped into the lobby.

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