Tomato Soup For the Bowl

Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup

I like soup. Hot soup on cold days is a lot of soup in Manitoba. I only have one soup recipe in Vicipedia, Komst Borscht, but plan to learn others. I like carrot ginger soup, I like minestrone, hot and sour, but not the spinach soup I had yesterday at the Free Press Cafe.

The first soup I learned to make was Campbell’s Tomato Soup from the can, using our own jersey cow milk, with crackers crumbled in. This was my lunch of choice, bested only by hot dogs. I was a latch key kid from Grade 6 – 8, allowed to come home and make my own lunch.  As I got older and more sophisticated I started adding ground pepper, dried oregano even basil to my tomato soup!

I still make it that way, but also buy versions sold at Safeway, their organic the best of those. But the best tomato soup in Winnipeg is Fire-Roasted Tomato Bisque at Hermano’s in the East Exchange.

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