This site was successfully launched at the Yellow Dog Tavern last night. Thanks to Suzanne Braun, James and Lori, at Relish for their hard work on the site, and Wendy Buelow for getting it on card (apparently this is what comes after mini-DV). Shereen Jerrett will also be shooting some passages read in more favourable conditions later this month. Vimeos should be on the site by December. Thanks also to Michelle Elrick for service, and Greg for the location.

I’d like especially to thank Lynn and the family and friends who ponied up the $25.00 even when they couldn’t make it and those who stayed to support me (which was everyone!) after a rather emotionally overwrought beginning. Enough money was raised to pay for the next stage in the process of making Vimeos. The raw footage will become part of the archives I hope to donate to the University of Manitoba library next summer.

My next priority will be working on the recommended reading section in Articles and Reviews.


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