Poetry Must be Shared by Everyone

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Dorothy Livesay

Livesay on Neruda  from Poetics of Desire, Nadine McInnis

“For Livesay, there exists the possibility of shared meaning. She strives for simplicity, moves away from ambiguity as she refines her poetic vision. She says ‘I believe poetry is for people. … as Neruda said, poetry is like bread. It must be shared by everyone.’

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Pablo Neruda


I intend to add quotations in the coming weeks as I begin to sort out the new improved version of Music for Men Over Fifty: Songs of Love and Surgery. Quotes from Bach (audio),Barthes,  Blake, an Anne Carson (primarily drawn from her Beauty of the Husband (inscribed to Lynn and myself in 2005, two years before we were married). While this seems all fancy pantsy hoity toity artsy fartsy and Soooo turn of the century, the simplest expression of what I try to do best is expressed in the lines quoted, requoted and then rerequoted…simply poet put, I agree with Livesay’s assertion “poetry is for people,” and as Neruda said”must be shared by everyone.”  Thus Klean-All Laundry Poet-in-Residence, and a way to write poetry.

I read  Livesay’s and Neruda’s  poetry of love and desire for reference, clarity and encouragement, for Section One of this new collection tentatively called  “Beauty of the Wife.” Section Two “Beauty of the Surgeon” begins with a Carson quote, right from her beginning of The Beauty Of the Husband  “a wound gives off its own light/surgeons say.”




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